DASH – Dedicated Action for School Health is a registered charity committed to promoting, supporting and facilitating the creation of healthy school communities in BC.

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Healthy School Communities Certification

The certification is designed to build the capacity of schools to identify and address a priority health topic in their school community through the engagement of students, educators, and community partners.

Comprehensive School Health

CSH is an internationally recognized framework for supporting improvements in students’ educational outcomes while addressing school health in a planned, integrated and holistic way.

Supporting School Communities

DASH supports school communities by providing health promotion initiatives. New in 2021 is DASH’s Vaping: The More You Know.

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What’s new at DASH

Canadian Farm to School Grant

Apply now for the Canadian Farm to School grant offered by Farm to Cafeteria Canada, Whole Kids Foundation and other national partners. Funding is available to schools across Canada, from Kindergarten through Grade 12. These grants are valued at up to…

New Workshop: Promoting Mental Well-Being

Looking for a workshop to learn more about promoting mental well-being in your school? Look no further! DASH’s Promoting Mental Well-Being workshop uses a comprehensive school health framework to help schools embed mental well-being into their day-to-day…

SMART Bikes: A Story from Westwood Elementary

Thanks to a generous donation through Heart Press, DASH received 150 Ergonomyx SMART Bikes to donate to schools. The bikes were sent to schools to help staff support the health and well-being of their students. Twenty-four schools across the province…