Vaping: The More You Know

About this Initiative

DASH’s Vaping: The More You Know is a three-part initiative designed to empower youth to take control over their well-being and behaviours related to vaping. The components of the initiative include: a presentation to youth with information about vaping, a facilitated dialogue, and the development of a youth-led project.

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McCreary Centre Society’s 2018 Adolescent Health Survey reported that 27% of BC students in grades 7-12 vaped in the month prior to taking the survey. Educators, administrators, parents, and communities are concerned about how the increasing rates of vaping are affecting the health of our youth. In response, DASH has developed an initiative to empower youth to take more control over their well-being and behaviours related to vaping through the development of their critical thinking skills.

DASH has developed the initiative components in partnership with regional Health Authority Tobacco and Vaping experts and researchers from McCreary Centre Society. The different components include:

  1. Presentations to a group of youth with information about vaping. This includes the health impacts of vaping (and nicotine), harm reduction, statistics about youth vaping in BC, and available substance use and mental health resources.
  2. A facilitated dialogue with youth to discuss the complexity of reasons for vaping and how to mitigate risks while thinking of alternatives to meet their needs.
  3. Support for youth to develop and implement a project that shares what they’ve learned with their peers.

There are three different options for how your school can participate:

  1. If you have an existing group of student leaders (e.g. leadership group, student council, healthy school team) that is interested in taking part, we can provide them with a day-long session (~2.5 hours) or two separate sessions (~75 minutes per session)
  2. If there is a PHE educator who is interested in having their class participate, we can deliver the initiative components over two separate class periods (~75-minutes per session). The skills and knowledge that students will learn during the sessions can be connected to Grade 8, 9, and 10 Physical and Health Education Curricular Competencies.
  3. If you prefer that many students receive the presentation, we can deliver the first component to an entire grade. From this, interested students will join a leadership group for the delivery of the second and third components of the initiative.