About DASH

DASH – Dedicated Action for School Health is a registered charity committed to promoting, supporting and facilitating the creation of healthy school communities in BC.

DASH strives to encourage all BC schools to be a healthy school community. A healthy school community constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy setting in which students, staff, parents, and community members work collaboratively to build healthy, resilient and socially connected students that learn how to be healthy for life.

A healthy school is a place where students feel welcomed and connected to their broader school community. A healthy school community is a place where students have many opportunities both in the classroom, and in the school community to strengthen their physical, mental, social-emotional, and intellectual development.

DASH staff understand that childhood is an ideal time to learn and develop healthy behaviors and where habits are formed that can last a lifetime. We view health promotion through a holistic lens and we aim to integrate well-being into all areas of the school environment. We are passionate about promoting healthy schools where all children feel welcomed, connected and are learning how to be healthy.

Healthy school community initiatives can be one of the most cost-effective investments a nation can make to simultaneously improve education and health. Investing in a healthy school community is a strategic way to minimize various health risks and to engage the education sector to create ideal conditions for health, learning and social connection.

Health and education are inextricably linked. Evidence shows that healthier students learn better and better educated students are healthier. That’s why DASH uses the internationally recognized Comprehensive School Health framework in all our health promotion initiatives. Comprehensive School Health is an effective way to improve both health and educational outcomes while encouraging healthy behaviors that last a lifetime.