DASH is delighted to offer a variety of health promoting initiatives for educators and school districts throughout BC and the Yukon. If you do not see what you are looking for, contact us to discuss your needs.
Big Lake Elementary with their HSCC banner

Healthy School Communities Certification

The Healthy School Communities Certification (HSCC) is based on a 4-step process that guides schools in planning and implementing activities to address priority health topics in their school community. Certified Healthy School Communities have reported increases in student leadership and engagement, improved mental well-being, and an increase in knowledge about implementing the comprehensive school health framework. […]

Vaping: The More You Know

DASH’s Vaping: The More You Know is a three-part initiative designed to empower youth to take control over their well-being and behaviours related to vaping. The components of the initiative include: a presentation to youth with information about vaping, a facilitated dialogue, and the development of a youth-led project. Learn More McCreary Centre Society’s 2018 […]

Healthy Schools BC

Healthy Schools BC (HSBC) strengthens health-education partnerships and supports effective implementation of healthy school initiatives using a comprehensive school health approach (CSH). CSH is an evidenced-based “whole school” approach that supports students’ health and academic achievements through four interrelated components: social and physical environment, teaching and learning, healthy school policy and partnerships and service. DASH […]

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