The Healthy Schools BC newsletter is brought to you by DASH BC. The newsletter keeps readers informed of healthy schools news in BC by sharing programs and resources, emerging trends, articles and events. The newsletter is also a resource for education and health sector staff looking for promotional resources, grant opportunities and tips from the healthy schools community.

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Article Submission Details:

The Newsletter is released monthly and is made possible by submissions from readers throughout the healthy schools community. This includes teachers, administrators, health authority staff, health promotion specialists and many more.  If you have a message, product, service or something that you’d like to say to our readers, the newsletter wants to  hear from you! Please see the following submission guidelines for more details.

Article Length

When submitting an article, please create a summary of your article of about 50 words or less and we will link to the remainder of your article, which should be around 200 words or less. You will need to house your article on your own website and the newsletter will provide a link to it. Remember that we are aiming to grab the reader’s attention so a summary that is a catchy opening paragraph will increase the chances of your article being read.

Article Focus

The newsletter coordinates healthy schools news and emerging trends by sharing healthy schools programs, articles and events with readers in BC. With this in mind, please ensure your article has a healthy schools focus.

Healthy Happenings – Key Event Listings

If you have a Healthy Happening or event date that you’d like to share, simply send us the date and a brief description of the event.  Please also include the website URL with the submission.

How to Send Submissions

Submissions can be sent to Please submit your articles as a Microsoft Word document or in the body of an email. 

Terms of Use

DASH BC reserves the right to modify article length, content and pictures where appropriate.

Thank you for your interest in the Healthy Schools BC Newsletter.  Please send your comments or questions to