iPads Support Environmental Stewardship at Jessie Lee Elementary

Jessie Lee Elementary in Surrey, B. C., was one of four schools to win a set of 10 iPads through DASH’s iPad contest. They wanted to introduce students to more environmental stewardship opportunities, and decided to create a native plant pollinator garden for students to care for and learn from. Christine Procyk of the Learner Support Team saw the iPads as a chance to integrate technology into this rich learning environment.

When we caught up with Procyk at the end of the year she explained that the pollinator garden was a huge success. It provided a special opportunity for children of essential support workers to give back to nature as they released butterflies that had fed on the garden. Once schools reopened, the garden promoted social and emotional learning as students planted, learned, and collaborated together. The iPads allowed Jessie Lee students to document and share their garden-based experiences. This year, once school resumes, they are excited to use the iPads to enrich student learning through research and storytelling.