Richmond Senior Secondary School Puts DASH iPads to Great Use

Richmond Senior Secondary (RSS) School was one of the lucky recipients of our iPad contest last spring. These iPads were granted to RSS’s Life Skills Program, which supports students who have special needs. The technology and applications that the iPads are equipped with have been particularly meaningful for this group as they’ve provided a new set of tools for their students who have difficulty with fine motor skills and are non-verbal.

The iPad delivery came at a time when we were newly adjusting to learning from home, and proved to be helpful with the transition by giving students the opportunity to connect with their class and complete assignments virtually.

The Life Skills Program at Richmond Secondary School have since continued to put their iPads to great use to promote healthy learning through a number of ways. They promote a healthy and active lifestyle by using the technology to learn about home workouts, healthy eating, and good hygiene habits to combat COVID-19. They’ve also taken their iPads outside and were able to use a variety of applications to support deeper learning about their natural surroundings.

For their Inclusion Project, where students from the Life Skills Program learn alongside another mainstream senior class within the school, the iPads were used to complete their Science for Citizens 11 capstone project where students created a video about food’s impact on the climate.

Check out their blog post detailing the experience here!