Picking Priority Health Topics

The first month of 2021 flew by and it feels like it will be spring before we know it! We are excited to see that the fifteen schools participating in DASH’s Healthy School Communities Certification pilot have been working through Steps 1-3 over the last couple of months. These steps  involve 1) establishing their school team, 2) assessing their school’s needs and assets, and 3) identifying a priority health topic for the 2020-2021 school year. In past years schools have been required to complete Steps 1-3 by the middle of February, but this year the mid-point deadline has been removed and schools just need to complete all steps by May 7, 2021 to be certified.

Despite no deadline, many schools have already picked their priority health topics and are moving along to Step 4, creating an action plan. So far it looks like the two most common priority health topics this year are mental health and physical activity. We look forward to seeing schools’ action plans and hearing about the ideas and activities they come up with to support staff and student health and well-being.