Resources to Support Mental Well-Being

Are you looking for resources to support the mental well-being curricular competency in your classroom? Here are some great places to explore:

  • The Psychology Foundation of Canada’s Kids Have Stress Too! resources are great for children of pre-school age to Grade 9, and they have parent materials too.
  • Heart Mind Online. Browse by theme to get quick access to topics you can explore with your students, such as self-regulation, kindness or resilience.
  • CARBC’s Helping Schools.  Instructional outlines that can help students develop drug and gambling literacy—the knowledge and skills they need to survive and thrive in a world where drug use and gambling opportunities are common—by focusing on meaning, not just facts. Materials for Grade 4 through high school.
  • The BC Ministry of Education’s Instructional Samples are specifically aligned to the new BC curriculum.

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