Sea to Sky’s Wellness Baskets for Indigenous Support Staff

School District #48 Sea to Sky received a DASH BC District Mental Well-being Grant in early 2019. They chose to use this grant to support the district’s Indigenous Support Staff by providing them with culturally relevant and meaningful wellness opportunities. Originally, they planned to host a series of wellness events such as healing circles, gatherings with Elders, and hosting traditional Indigenous ceremonies. As the COVID-19 pandemic hindered their ability to physically gather, the team was able to pivot their plans and created wellness baskets for each Indigenous Support Staff member in the district. The wellness baskets included sage for smudging, face masks, blankets, water bottles, incense, and gift certificates. The wellness baskets also supported Indigenous businesses and artists as they were purchased at the local cultural centre. The team hopes to host an outdoor lunch gathering to celebrate the Indigenous Support Staff and their invaluable contributions to the school community when public health orders allow them to do so.