Strategic Plan

3—Year Strategic Priorities:

VISION – All students are healthy, engaged, and connected at school and in their communities.

MISSION – DASH Collaborates with schools and other partners to create, facilitate, and support school communities to be optimal places for health and learning through an evidence-based Comprehensive School Health framework approach.

Objective 1:  Support Healthy School Communities across all of BC, with a focus on underserviced school communities. In particular, Indigenous communities or schools with high populations of Indigenous students

Stakeholders – School Communities

  • When students minimize health risks and embrace healthy behaviours, these behaviours influence the community to make more healthy choices.  By enhancing healthy behaviours in school communities, DASH contributes to the broader community benefit today and in the future.  Students, who develop healthy behaviours now, are more likely to keep those behaviours into adulthood and to promote healthy behaviours at home and in their communities.
  • Communities benefit from a cost-effective approach to strengthen physical, mental, social-emotional, and intellectual development by minimizing health risks and encouraging healthy behaviours.  Using the Comprehensive School Health framework, DASH will contribute to educational outcomes while addressing healthy school communities in a planned, integrated, and holistic way.

Customers – Funders & Schools

  • Using the Comprehensive School Health framework, DASH will certify 40 schools annually using the 4-step Healthy School Communities Certification process.  75% of these schools will be in underserviced school communities or Indigenous schools.
  • The promotion of the healthy school communities’ certification will be prioritized in our Indigenous schools or schools with a high population of Indigenous students, so the students benefit from improvements in educational outcomes and healthy behaviours.
  • The implementation of a Comprehensive School Health framework in a planned, integrated, and holistic way will benefit all citizens in the community with improvements in students’ educational outcomes and health behaviours.

Objective 2: Promote opportunities and engage youth in student led initiatives in all schools in BC

Stakeholders – School Communities

  • Youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.  Youth have a broad and robust outreach that can make change happen and drive healthy behaviours for themselves, their family, friends, and their communities.

Customers – Funders & Schools

  • DASH introduced Vaping: The More You Know (VTMYK) in March of 2021 as the first student-led initiative.  The number of schools participating in the Vaping: The More You Know student-led initiative will increase from 4 in the pilot year to 15 additional schools annually, for the next three school years.

Objective 3: Establish a sustainable business model

Stakeholders – School Communities

  • The communities, which most need DASH programs, are likely to be less able to afford the full cost.  DASH is dependent on parties who are not directly participating in the initiatives to fund the initiatives.

Customers – Funders & Schools

  • DASH operates a tri-partite business model:  Funders, Communities, and DASH.
  • Funders are the organizations, governments, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who will financially support health prevention and promotion because they see the value.
  • Within the next six months, develop a sustainability-funding plan that provides predictable annual funds and reasonable assurance of continued funding, aligned with DASH’s financial needs objectives.
  • Over the course of the next three years, develop a donor base consisting of 1,000 individuals, 20 organizations, 20 non-traditional donors (chamber of commerce, boards of trade, regional development bodies, and individual municipalities) that will provide $400,000 in funding annually.
  • Within three years, increase the Healthy Schools BC funding by continually increasing “value-added” to the current deliverables.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement:

DASH programs and services align with its vision, mission, and strategy.

  • Staff are given guidance, support, and direction when needed to fulfill their roles, helping them to achieve the organization’s vision and goals.
  • The culture of the organization is one of teamwork, co-operation, and collaboration.
  • DASH continues to promote open communication amongst and between staff.
  • The culture of the Board is one of teamwork, co-operation, collaboration, and appreciation.
  • The Board continues to promote open communication amongst and between members.
  • The Board and staff have opportunities to work together.
  • DASH routinely evaluates it programs and services through a quality improvement lens to continually improve.
  • DASH routinely evaluates its relationships with clients, funders and partners and its leadership role in Comprehensive School Health.