Board of Directors

Our Board is made up of members who are all passionate and committed to creating Healthy Schools in British Columbia. Our members come from diverse backgrounds, many with experience in the education and health sectors. DASH’s Board is made up of the President, Vice President, a Secretary, Treasurer and 4 elected board members.

President – Karen Wonders T: 250-565-7360 C: 778-349-6952 E:

Vice Chair/President – Ariel Laver T: 604-631-3201 E:

Treasurer –

Secretary/Director – Erin Takeshita T: 604-974-5275 E:

Director – Heather Allen T: 250-689-1780 E: 

Director – Jennifer White T: 250-559-4208 C: 604-318-3350 E:

Director – Janice Fichtner T: 250-296-4308 C: 250-398-0349 E:

Director – Carla Bullinger T: 250-267-8249 F: 250-398-7871 E: