Funding Partners


DASH receives financial support from many different organizations in the community.

Some of our financial partners include:

  • The Ministry of Education
  • The Ministry of Health
  • Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Public Health Agency of Canada

Why support DASH BC?

As a dynamic partnership organization and a leader in healthy schools, we work with various community organizations, local corporations and stakeholders to deliver and support healthy school initiatives.

Financial partners recognize and value the interrelationship between health and learning, and work together with us to learn, contribute, and collaborate to create healthier schools in British Columbia. We seek partnerships with preeminent members of the corporate sector who share our mission to improve the health and well-being of students in British Columbia and to help students realize their full potential.

What can we provide for our financial partners?

By providing financial support to DASH, you are committed to ensuring that every student in B.C. can thrive within a school community that embraces healthy living as a vital part of learning and future life success.

Financial Partners help to support our operations and work around healthy schools and enables DASH to continually develop products and resources that puts students at the centre of learning about healthy living.

What can we offer?

DASH has been working closely in the area of Healthy Schools for over 25 years. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in developing, executing and measuring healthy school initiatives and have established solid partnerships with both the education and health sectors.

We are leaders in healthy schools, and have expertise of the complex environment of the education and health systems, the challenges and barriers, and the opportunities where we can continue to support students to realize their potential as healthy learners.