Updated Sip Smart! BC Program


Updated Sip Smart! BC Program

sipsmartnewlogo2016Sip Smart! BC is an educational program that helps teach students about sugary drinks and making healthy drink choices.  First released in 2009, this popular program has now been updated in 2016!  A completed package of the updated version was mailed in mid-October to BC public schools with Grades 4, 5 or 6.

Changes in the 2016 version:

  • The nutrition information has been updated – and the program still contains the same fun, well-designed activities to help students make healthy drink choices.
  • The lessons are ready to go!
    – Each lesson now includes ALL teacher and student resources (instead of being accessed from a separate section).
    – Items can be used online or downloaded individually from a new “Quick Prints” section on the Sip Smart! BC website.

Consistent with the BC curriculum model encouraging teachers to draw from various resources when creating learning experiences for their students, the activities fit well with the learning standards for the Physical and Health Education (PHE) curriculum for Grades 4, 5 and 6 (as well as other areas such as Science), but is not a prescriptive program.

Schools receive one printed package:

  • The complete set includes a colourful, ready-to-use printed set of materials (2 posters, 16 laminated cut-outs, a class set of 30 booklets for parents, and the Teacher Resource Guide).
  • The materials are designed to last for several years, and can be shared for a long time amongst Grade 4-6 teachers (family booklets can no longer be ordered for each class).

Visit the BC Pediatric Society’s webpage here for more information.

The Sip Smart! BC™ update is a partnership of the BC Pediatric Society and the BC Government and was made possible through funding from the Provincial Health Services Authority.

For further information, contact Pat Zellinsky, Project Manager, BC Pediatric Society, at patbcps@gmail.com.

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