Vaping: The More You Know

McCreary Centre Society’s 2018 Adolescent Health Survey reported that 27% of BC students in grades 7-12 vaped in the month prior to taking the survey. Educators, administrators, parents, and communities are concerned about how the increasing rates of vaping are affecting the health of our youth.

In response, DASH, with the support of regional Health Authority Tobacco and Vaping experts and the McCreary Centre Society, has developed an initiative to empower youth to take more control over their behaviours related to vaping through the development of their critical thinking skills.

The initiative is comprised of three components:

  • Evidence-based presentations to a group of youth with information about vaping. This will include the health impacts of vaping (and nicotine) and statistics about youth vaping in BC
  • A facilitated dialogue with youth to discuss the complexity of reasons for vaping and how to balance risks while thinking of alternatives to meet their needs
  • Support for youth to develop and implement a project that shares what they’ve learned with their peers

During the spring of 2021 DASH will be piloting this initiative in a handful of schools across British Columbia.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, please contact your regional Comprehensive School Health Facilitator.