2013 Symposium

The 2013 Symposium was more a mobilization for action:  an attempt to bring the stakeholders involved in this work together to learn from some successes from the previous year, make new connections, and to begin to create a plan for how to move forward together.

We had an inspirational keynote from Dr. Penny Balem, Vancouver City Manager, who provided insight on how to work with people of varying perspectives, and reminded us all that there is a need for foundation in order for change.  Healthy School Network leaders shared their experience with using the inquiry process in their classrooms and how it has led to increased student engagement, and Dr. Paige Fisher and Dr. Guy Le Masurier capped off the day with an energetic presentation.

See below for some pictures from last year’s event:

2013_symposium_1 2013_symposium_22013_symposium_32013_symposium_42013_symposium_52013_symposium_62013_symposium_7