Our Work



DASH BC is the leading voice in school health promotion in BC and plays a key role on the national stage.

Facilitate Healthy School Initiatives

At DASH, we deliver and facilitate innovative initiatives to directly benefit the health and learning of students and school communities.  Our focus includes the promotion of healthy eating, physical activity and mental well-being for all members of the school community. Our work is guided by a Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approach, an internationally recognized framework that addresses school health in a planned, integrated, and holistic way. To learn more: http://www.jcsh-cces.ca


We collaborate and work closely with government, non-profits, professional organizations in education, school districts, health authorities, Indigenous organizations and community service providers to build the capacity of school communities and create opportunities for knowledge exchange and sharing.

Create Resources

We work with our partners to create tailored resources to support school communities to help them implement healthy school initiatives that resonates within their regional context.

Provide Support

DASH uses its expertise to help school communities shape and realize their healthy school goals by developing action plans, providing resources and linking with community services and supports.