Walk the Globe


Share the fun and learning of walking to school with communities around the world!

Every year students from around the world walk or bike to school during October, International Walk to School month. Walk the Globe is the first initiative designed to connect these students through classroom partnerships. Using photos, videos, emails or Skype, classrooms can share their walk or bike to school experiences with other students around the world. DASH coordinates classroom partnerships to start in October. These partnerships can last as long as you and your partner classroom would like. Learning about and connecting with another classroom makes walking and biking to school fun, educational, and memorable!

Learn more about Walk the Globe by watching this video.



Walking and/or biking to school improves the health of students and provides awareness about the walkability of communities. Partnering classrooms is an educational way to connect students from around the world to share their experiences of walking or biking to school. It can  broaden perspectives, enhance school connectedness, as well as motivate students toward  active, healthy lifestyles.