What are some ideas for making the most out of the classroom partnership?

In the past, partners have exchanged pictures and videos of their Walk to School events and shared stories about what it’s like walking in their communities over email. This has led to invaluable learning about the living environments and cultural norms of daily life in the communities of the partnering classrooms.

Additional possibilities include organizing classroom Skype sessions with your partner class, or forming an interactive classroom wiki to share messages, pictures and videos.

You phrase Walk the Globe as a “classroom partnership” program, not a school partnership program. What happens if there are two or three classrooms in our school that want to register to get a partner from other school?

If this is the case, there are two options. Firstly, if each classroom has the same preferences for the program (time commitment, French language interest, etc.), then you can consider joining them together and including everyone together in your communications to the partner classroom abroad. Secondly, if each classroom has different preferences, it’s best to sign each classroom up individually using the registration form. This way each classroom will receive their own partner class from another school.

What happens if our classroom’s Walk to School event is taking place at a different time than our partner school?

Usually schools organize their Walk to School event during October, which is iWalk month. That said, sometimes schools organize their event at a different time due to weather or scheduling conflicts. Consider exchanging your stories and continuing your communication up until the moment that your partner school’s event occurs. After all, communications are not limited to the Walk to School event or the month of October!

 How will I know who I’m partnered with? Can I choose what region of Canada or continent my partner school comes from?

Partnerships are coordinated by DASH and your partner classroom will be assigned based on the preferences you indicated on your registration. This means we can’t enable classrooms to choose where their partner comes from at this time.

How do you determine a good fit for a classroom partnership?

DASH considers: duration of time you wish to participate, preferred methods of communication with your partner classroom, time zones, and whether you have a preference for a French language partner school.